Who am I?  I’m a woman with a rich life where I’ve had a lot of experiences.  I’m a thinker who is constantly observing everything around me.  I have many theories and opinions on things I’ve experienced.  I write this blog from my perspective.  Not from the perspective of a journalist or scientist.  This is how I have experienced my life.  I know there are exceptions to everything I write about.  I know that.  I’m writing what I’ve experienced and observed.  This is nothing more than My Perspective.

My hope with this blog is to write about subjects no one else is writing about.  I write about topics that I feel are misunderstood and feel a need to speak up for those of us who’ve actually lived the experiences.  Admittedly I’m also very tired and frequently annoyed and like to vent about things that annoy me.

I am so many things.  A wife, mother, daughter.  But I am so much more and have had so many experiences that have shaped my perspective on life.  Over time I hope to share my perspective with others to give support to those who’ve experienced similar, or to give an understanding to those who haven’t.